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Simple Process

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Our process is simple.

All you have to do is complete our short transition questionnaire and we will take over from there. Our systems will get busy as soon as you hit submit to match you with one or more DSOs seeking to acquire practices with your attributes. We will forward your information to up to three DSOs around the 1st of next month. Someone from the DSOs development team will then reach out to you to learn about your goals. This typically happens within a few weeks of them receiving your information.

We do not charge you — the seller — to provide this service. In fact, when you typically sell a dental practice you have to hire a business broker who charges up to 10% of the sale price to the seller. We flip this model on its head — the buyer pays us once the transaction is complete and only if the transaction is completed. In short, we only get paid when you get paid. That’s a lot more money in your pocket.

Benefits of DSO Transition

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Transition your practice to a DSO and enjoy more benefits than you would with a private solo-practice buyer. Not only will the transition be easier, in many cases you will receive more for your life’s work. You will also receive administrative support, compliance assistance, fresher technology, revenue cycle management, clinical freedom and much more.

Selling to a DSO is not selling out. It is about realizing the most return from your biggest asset — your business. Maximize your return by affiliating with a DSO.

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Take control of your destiny, achieve your financial goals and be rewarded handsomely for your life’s work. Take our short questionnaire to be matched with DSOs interested in your practice.

Why choose us?

We Bring it All


Save money on a business broker, who will want 10% of the sale price. As a seller, you will not pay us a dime.


Not only do we work with many of the top DSOs, we also have strong relationships with industry-leading law firms and CPAs to guide you through your transaction.


Our management team has more than 50 years of dental experience, including DSO transitions.