For those further along in the process, serious and ready to transition their practice, we offer a more detailed & formal approach to your practice valuation.

If you are you actively looking to sell your practice and/or you are ready to listen and take action on the simple changes you should make to increase the value of your practice prior to selling, here are your next-steps;

A CPA-Certified Practice Valuation

Having relationships with many dental service providers allows us the opportunity to offer you a CPA-Certified Practice Valuation. This is also offered to dental professionals at no cost once you’re processed through our online Dental Practice Valuation Calculator.

Naturally detailed documentation will be required from you in order to complete this next-level, comprehensive valuation. Unlike the basic calculator, this valuation takes into account 2+ years of data and blends three different valuation methodologies to arrive at a fair market value you can expect to receive for your practice given current market and economic conditions.

A Custom Practice Assessment Scorecard

Upon Completing the CPA-Certified Practice Valuation, you will also be provided the option to receive a custom Practice Assessment Scorecard. This Assessment will evaluate and grade different areas of your practice known as KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators used to determine the strengths as well as areas needing improvement. This Practice Assessment Report is also offered at no cost and will provide you with insight into specific areas of improvement. This report analysis of your financials and practice statistics will also offer strategic options for your path forward  – which will ultimately have a positive impact on the value of your practice. Once again, you’ll need to process through our online Dental Practice Valuation Calculator in order to access this option.

Dental Practice Valuation

With our FREE Dental Practice Valuation, we will provide the fair market value of your practice based on a blend of three valuation techniques including the Transaction Method, Discounted Cash Flow, and Capitalization of Income, giving you a valuation figure based on current market and economic factors.

Dental Practice Scorecard:

With our FREE Dental Practice Scorecard, we evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against industry best practices, assigning grades and assessing gaps and opportunities across Collections Growth, Cost Savings, and Workforce Optimization.

Dental Practice Strategic Options Report

Our FREE Strategic Options report provides you with 4-5 options for transitioning or retaining your practice, along with the expected cash value and growth potential for each option.

If you’re close to a transition decision, and you need to know exactly where your practice stands in terms of performance and value. Upon completing the online Dental Practice Valuation Calculator  you will be provided to the option to request your FREE Full Valuation and Practice Scorecard