Transitioning Dentist

DSO as an exit strategy

You have spent many years building your dental practice. Not only do you want to realize the biggest return for your own investment and sweat equity, you want to ensure that your practice continues to thrive for years to come.

DSO affiliation may be your answer.

As dentist baby boomers begin to think about retirement, they are wondering what to do with their dental practice. By affiliating with a DSO you will be able to retire knowing that you received the maximum return on your business and that it will continue as a going entity for years to come.

Senior dentists are naturally apprehensive of DSOs. You built your business during a time when the neighborhood dentist typically worked alone with a trusty assistant, hygienist and front desk person.

Dentistry has changed a lot and DSOs are not to blame. Dentistry is increasingly becoming commoditized. It is experiencing the same things as every other at one time or another.

Millennials have a lot to do with this shifting mindset. Even when it comes to medical care, many will opt for the walk-in convenience of urgent care centers rather than making an appointment with a primary care physician. Dental patients are seeking the same conveniences.

Don’t worry about changing with the market when you can cash out and retire.

The good news is that your practice is probably at a high water mark when it comes to valuation. There is a lot of merger and acquisition activity that is driving up multiples. If you have been thinking about selling your dental practice, now is the time to do so and a DSO will likely be the best buyer.

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