Complete our secure questionnaire. We match your answers against our proprietary database with one or more DSOs seeking to acquire practices with the same attributes as yours. Decide whether you wish to remain an equity partner or extract 100% of your value now or stay on with an earn-out with a negotiated and secure and predictable annual salary. Seek legal counsel and a CPA with experience in DSO transitions.

+ 1-30 Days

On the first of the month we will provide your information to one or more DSOs that you were matched with.

+15 DAYS

A member of the development team at a DSO will reach out to you to discuss your goals.

+90 DAYS

Typically if a DSO is interested in purchasing a practice they will issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) within the first 90-days.

+90 DAYS

It typically takes 90 days for the transaction to close after LOI issued.

+180 DAYS

The typical transition from a solo-practice office to one that is DSO supported typically takes up to six months upon closing of the transaction.

Our process is simple. All you have to do is complete our secure questionnaire and we will take over from there.

Our system will get to work as soon as you hit submit. We will take your answers and match them up with the desires of our DSO partners. If there is a match, your lead will be queued up for that DSO.

Around the 1st of each month, we send out leads generated during the preceding month. This means that around the 1st of the month the development team of the DSO will receive your information. They typically reach out within a week or two.

As the seller, you do not pay a cent for our services. In fact, we work with the best in the industry and can connect you with a leading law and accounting firm to walk you through the transaction.