Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Our service is simple. We match qualified DSO buyers with dental practices looking to transition. Nothing more, nothing less. Complete our transition questionnaire to get started today.

This is entirely up to you. Most DSOs will seek a commitment of two years after you sell your practice. This helps ensure a smooth transaction. After that, you are typically free to leave. Of course, it is up to you to negotiate any terms you would like. Make sure it is included in the acquisition documents if you plan to retire immediately upon sale. Many dentists sell their practice to a DSO and stay on for years as an employee, independent contractor or even equity partner.

It is our hope that you plan to transition your practice. As to how you got here, that may be for a few reasons. We have data on over 160,000 solo-practice dentists and routinely send out surveys and other materials to determine who may be interested in transitioning their practice. DSOintro also partners with dental publishers to identify solo-dentists and smaller groups interested in selling their dental practices. We may have connected through one of those channels or on your own through a referral or search engine. Interested in the idea of transitioning? Complete our secure questionnaire.

DSOs typically purchase practices on an EBIDTA multiple. This is essentially a multiple of your annual gross profits. It is impossible to say how much you will get for your practice as production, expenses, location, and many other factors will influence the ultimate sales price. Having said that, a strong practice with about $1,000,000 per year in collections can expect to earn 4 to 6 times EBIDTA. There is oftentimes an earnout involved, too. This multiple may go up as the production, office count, management infrastructure and other factors are taken into consideration. The best way to find out is to get the ball rolling by completing our secure questionnaire.

We work with many DSOs with a multi-state footprint. As of March 2019 have DSOs seeking practices in 21 states. The DSOs we work with look for all kinds of opportunities across the specialties. The easiest way to tell if we have a DSO to match you with is complete our no-obligation questionnaire.

Contact us and we will be happy to review our proprietary lead gathering process with you. Depending on the number of leads we develop in a month you will receive either a biweekly or monthly report with dental practice acquisition leads.

The more offices you have, the more desirable you will be to DSOs. They would much rather acquire a handful of offices in a single transaction rather than one-by-one. Please complete our questionnaire so that we can get to work for you.

This is totally up to you and should be negotiated as part of the purchase agreement. We have seen many transactions where the seller has stayed on as an equity partner, or as an employee or independent contractor.

The corporate practice of medicine is illegal in most states. The DSO is there to provide administrative support. Clinical decisions will still be yours to make.

DSOs rely on a variety of methods for learning about transitioning dental practices. DSOintro is one of these resources. We are paid by the buyer (DSO) only upon a successful transaction. Simply put, we only win when you win.