The Complete 411 on Dental Service Organization "DSO" Affiliation

Webinar replay: The Complete 411 on Dental Affiliation with Geoff Ligibel, CEO of 42North Dental

Jesse Barron, executive editor of DSO News recently hosted a webinar with Geoff Ligibel, the CEO of 42North Dental, a dental service organization “DSO” geographically focused on the northeast. They are included in the group of wonderful DSOs that we work with daily, so if you’re planning on transitioning your dental practice to a DSO and want to talk to 42North Dental, start the process using our complimentary dental practice valuation calculator. There is never any cost to you during the process.

In this webinar, Jesse asks Geoff questions on the topics of:

  • How DSOs value practices and current price trends
  • The different affiliation models – depending whether you’re looking to stay and grow, or retire
  • Pain points in transition and how to avoid them
  • The benefits of a geographically focused DSO
  • How to maximize your dental practice for acquisition or a joint venture
  • Learn more about 42North Dental and their business model

Without further ado, below is the webinar in its entirety that you can watch or listen to at your convenience.

You can also download The Complete 411 on Dental Affiliation webinar slide deck.